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Adopt an Infant

Contrary to popular belief, a home study is not a white glove test. Whether you adopt an infant, a young child or a teenager, it will be basically the same for each.

Whether you adopt an infant for just you and your partner, (or you may be single), the agency or organization that is conducting the home study just wants to be sure that everyone involved is in agreement with the adoption.

They want to be assured that it isn't just one person's idea and your partner isn't going along with it. If you have other kids (we did not), you may want to talk with them about how they feel about having an addition to the family.

Before you adopt an infant you will complete the usual home study , which consists of a home visit, background checks, financial and medical checks.

When considering the location and size of the home, they are generally looking to see if it is in a safe neighborhood (no one dealing drugs right outside the front door), and is there enough room for the little one to have a bedroom and room for their toys. baby gate for adopt an infant

They will take into account the upkeep of the home, in other words, does everything work? Does the heating system work so the house doesn't get too cold in the winter? Do the toilets work? Does the bathtub work and not leak? Just general maintenance stuff.

What about the cleanliness of the home? It doesn't mean you have to be Martha Stewart and have a perfectly decorated home. What they are looking for is a clean and wholesome environment in which to raise the child.

Is there moldy stuff all over the shelves in the refrigerator? Is there dog pee or poop all over the place? They just want to make sure it's a clean environment. Things like old mismatched furniture or really used sofas and stuff don't matter, as long as they aren't of danger to a child.

If there's a huge spring sticking up out of a sofa, that's a problem. If the sofa is just 20 years old, that's okay. They just want a decent environment.

One of the things they will probably want to know is whether or not the little one will have their own room and the appropriate furniture, like a crib or toddler bed. They will want to know if there is an area in the home where the child can play safely and have their toys.

Also, they will look for dangerous things like electrical outlets without plates on them, or electrical items with burned cords, or rooms without smoke detectors.

They will probably discuss schools in the area with you, but when you are adopting a bab...

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Adopting An Infant - Are You Ready?

If you are considering adopting an infant, the long period of waiting will be taxing on your patience, but it will help you prepare yourself for your babies' arrival.

It can take up to two years for the adoption process to finally be complete. Your background will be thoroughly scrutinized in detail. You will be asked questions like:

Do you have a criminal record? Will you be able to provide for the child upbringing and education? Are you psychologically sound and prepared to take care of the child? Are you insured so that you will be able to financially take care of the child in case one or both of you lose your job?

Remember that how you feel and think about your adopted baby will affect how you act toward them. For example, you will need to think of this child as your own and not necessarily one that you carried in the womb for nine months, or you, as a father, conceived through natural means.

adopting an infant This child deserves your love and should not be treated any differently than any children of your own that you may have. Also, do not make your adopted baby feel alienated by treating them like a special case.

They are part of your family now and should be treated as such. Encourage other children and relatives to do the same.

When adopting an infant get their full medical background. In many cases, children given up for adoption are the offspring of drug addicts or convicted felons.

Because anything that the mother does ultimately affects the health of the ch...

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