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Pioneer Valley Open Door
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Vermont Division Of Social Services
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Carolyn V Brown Md
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Adoptive Families For Children
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Crispe & Crispe
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Adoption Resource Service, Inc.
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Kurt M. Hughes, Esq., Murdoch, Hughes & Twarog, P.C.
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Foster Parent Requirements

I have provided a list of foster parent requirements which you will need to present to children's services or the foster care agency in question, before you will be able to be approved for foster care.

After contacting children's services or a private foster agency, you will arrange a visit with a social worker. She/he will come to your home to be sure that your home meets their standards.

Your home will need to be clean, child proof, smoke detectors in every bedroom, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors and one or more bedrooms with furniture for children.

Your Application Package:

You will receive an application package which will give you the basics about foster care, qualifications, your expectations as a foster parent, finances, travel, recreation and your foster parent requirements.

You will likely be required to fill out a application form, answering personal questions for both you and your spouse and children. (You may have to answer very similar questions during the interview) This is somewhat repetitive, but is required so that they can learn all they can about you.

Make an Appointment for an Interview

An appointment will be made for the interview. The first appointment is with the main caregiver and lasts 2 hrs. or more. A second appointment is made to interview other adults in the home 1 hr. and any children. Their interviews will last up to 15min. each.

In the meantime you will need to get:

Criminal Police Checks:
An original copy of all adults in your household will be required.

You may be required to provide a doctor's report and any other medical information on each member of your family. A medical is completed by your doctor and will prove that you are free of communicable or contagious illnesses. It will also show that you are mentally and emotionally stable.

Fire Inspection:
Contact your local fire department and have them come to do a fire inspection on your home. They will tell you where you will need to have your fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Having a carbon monoxide detector is often a good idea, but not always a requirement.

A home fire evacuation plan will need to be drawn up and posted on your refrigerator or wall, as well as a written fire evacuation plan. The foster care agency will require a photocopy of each.

Auto and Home Insurance:
A photocopy of both home and auto insurance is necessary and it will need to be updated annually.

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